Digital Lending and Data Privacy in Kenya

Prior to 2020, digital lending witnessed an unprecedented rise and growth in Kenya. According to a 2019 FSD report, the boom was fuelled by widespread use of mobile phones, high demand for credit and a lax regulatory environment. Digital lenders fall into two main categories: mobile banking loans(i.e. loans by licensed banks such as M-Shwari) and digital loans (i.e. loans granted by unregulated firms like Tala and Branch). The regulatory environment made it very easy for unregulated providers to enter the market. By 2020, Kenya had over 120 digital lending platforms.

FAQs: Data Privacy for Online Marketers

Mutie Advocates FAQs Privacy for Online Marketers

Post Summary:

  • On 13 April 2021, the Kenya Data Commissioner published draft regulations in support of the Data Protection Act. As discussed in our last article, the Regulations have paved way for public consultations and operationalisation of the Act.
  • We consider some of the issues that online marketers will face in implementation of the Act.

Legal Alert: Data Commissioner Publishes Draft Data Protection Regulations

Mutie Advocates Development Data protection update

On 7th April 2021, the Task Force on Development of Data Protection General Regulations tabled draft data protection regulations before the Cabinet Secretary, Ministry of ICT, Innovation and Youth Affairs, Joe Mucheru. In addition, the Data Protection Commissioner published the draft Regulations on its website, paving the way for public consultation.

6 Ways The Data Protection Act Impacts Staff Recruitment

The Kenya Data Protection Act is set to impact all areas of business and more so, the HR or staffing function. In the “HR Professionals Guide to Data Protection” I gave broad insights on how the Act will affect the HR department. In this article, I consider the potential impact in the area of staff recruitment.

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